Onaero Beach is the home the SeaView motel and the Waiau Estate winery/cafe, and formerly of Bazooka (the Boat 'na Bag).

It is on the Northern coast of Taranaki, the energy province of New Zealand, between Waitara and Urenui, just off State Highway 3.

The beach consists of volcanic black sand (titanomagnetite) with some medium sized rocks that have mussels on them, and depending on the recent weather more or less amounts of rounded pebbles.

Motokari place was developed from dairy land in the 1980s into a "lifestyle" block. Onaero Beach road and Sutton Road predate this.

Town water supply came only recently to Onaero - before that people could drink the plentiful rain water and use wells for grey water and septic tanks for sewage.

To the East of the main settlement was a motor camp at Onaero Domain (Onaero Bay Holiday Park) on the Onaero river.

Bazooka on the waves

Written by Carl Muller 13 Mar 2004, 25 Mar 2011.